Dosing (Cystagon / EGCG)

*See prescribing information for each specific drug and consult your physician.

In the Italian study, cysteamine bitartrate (trade name Cystagon®, Orphan Europe), oral administration of 150 to 300 mg of cysteamine base every 6 h.  
Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) (trade name Epinerve®, SIFI Pharmaceuticals). 270 mg once daily.

In the Aberdeen trial, the dosing schedule is as follows:
Dosing will be in accordance with licensed use of cysteamine for cystinosis, i.e.
450mg qds.
Dose will be escalated:
450mg once daily for one week 
450mg twice daily for one week 
450mg three times daily for one week 
450mg four times daily (every 6 hours) for two weeks

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