Cysteamine + CF -- Research Links

  • "They will receive oral cysteamine, with increasing dose (from 450mg once daily to 450mg four times daily) over three weeks, they will remain on 450mg four times daily for two weeks. Sputum cysteamine will be quantified after two weeks of full dose cysteamine 450mg qds."
  • First Study of Oral Cysteamine in Cystic Fibrosis:
    "Cysteamine is a licensed drug used in the treatment of cystinosis for more than 20 years. Laboratory based work suggests that cysteamine may be a beneficial adjunct to conventional antibiotic treatment in CF. Cysteamine is a potent mucolytic, it disrupts biofilms, it is antimicrobial, and synergises with other antibiotic agents, broadening their spectrum of activity, delivers a post-antimicrobial effect and reverses antibiotic resistance (even in multi-drug resistant bacteria)."

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